The input image should satisfy the following criteria:

  • The front of the car should be horizontally aligned.
  • Pixel aspect ratio should be 1:1.
  • The vehicle is sufficiently distant from image borders. (The surrounding blue rectangle should not go out of the image in the demo).
  • The car should be captured from top frontal view.
  • Image resolution should be 1 cm per pixel at least, i.e. the minimal EU license plate's width should be approximately 60 pixels.

Example input images


Example with rotated license plate
Figure 1: The front of the car is not horizontally aligned.

Example with wrong detection window
Figure 3: The car is too close to the image edge (the detection window goes out of the image).


Example with horizontally aligned license plate
Figure 2: The same image but with compensated in-plane rotation. The front of the car is now horizontally aligned.
Example with correct detection window
Figure 4: The car is sufficiently distant from image edges.